Dallas Cowboys, Mike Singletary, and What if

  Training Camp 2017 has already commenced for the Dallas Cowboys, and a circus is afoot as per usual. There have been ominous signs that running back Ezekiel Elliott may be subject to some sort of suspension resulting from an alleged domestic violence incident; the sudden (reported) release of Lucky Whitehead adds another layer to the carnival spectacle of Oxnard, California. The Cowboys have already positioned themselves with enough potential distractions that could derail this campaign before it is even started.

    This pattern of mediocrity has been systemic for the last 20 years, and it is becoming more apparent that the Owner/President, General Manager Jerry Jones has devolved into an enabler that has made athletes with questionable characters to be too comfortable with their foibles. Now, this is not a problem if his tendencies are offset by a head coach who genuinely can command respect within the locker room.

    Thus far, Jason Garrett has demonstrated the acumen of being the kind of head coach with neoteric qualities of the late Tom Landry. Unfortunately for Garrett, football observers doubt he has the autonomy necessary to be seen in the eyes of his players more than just a substitute teacher, which was the same fate of Barry Switzer, Chan Gailey, Dave Campo, and Wade Phillips.

    If the Dallas Cowboys’ season of promise ultimately falls short of reaching the game affixed with Roman Numerals as is typical, questions will surround Garrett once again about his ability to lead whether it is fair or not. Nevertheless, this process will result in fans of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex becoming even more despondent.

    Jerry’s team does not necessarily need a head coach with the disposition of Generals “Black Jack” Pershing, Patton, or Eisenhower, but they can use a person whose bona fides of authority are unequivocal and are understood without needing any dissertations to prove that this is the case. An example of this kind of a modern autocrat is Mike Singletary.      

    Of course, some will contend that Singletary’s tenure as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers was anything but stellar. While that fact is true, one can perceive that he has learned a great deal from that experience and has prepared extensively for another opportunity if it presents itself. Besides, the National Football League has a lengthy history of accepting retreads countless times who had a better chance of capturing Bigfoot than hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Therefore, Singletary is due for another opportunity.

    The only way that a Singletary regime could prosper is by Jones showing a modicum of deference to him as he did with Bill Parcells and Jimmy Johnson. Singletary does not have a reputation of ridiculing ownership in the past, and it is doubtful he would do this with Jones. Nonetheless, respect is a double-sided phenomenon that should be explored by these two men if Garrett, unfortunately, falls on the proverbial sword.