Not Enough Groundswell to shake the Tower of NFL

  On Wednesday, August 23, 2017, the initial foray in the attempt to force the National Football League into capitulation by emancipating Colin Kaepernick out of the current state of purgatory was held by a demonstration within a stone’s throw of the league’s offices. The premise was to force a dialogue with the giant based upon numbers and media generated attention, but the vociferous crowd (modest in number) was not of the magnitude to capture the imaginations of sports fans throughout the land which is still focused on things like the farcical event of the soi-disant fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and McGregor this weekend.

While Kaepernick’s stalwarts are correct to have some concerns about professional football players not being able to have a voice without facing the possibility of retribution, Roger Goodell’s regime is still a bit more lenient with the athletes in comparison to the past. The despotism of the late Pete Rozelle, former NFL commissioner from 1960-1989, was purported to have all players to stand while holding their helmets in their left hands while resting the right hand to the chest during the national anthem due to the conservative nature of the fan base.

Nonetheless, there must be a significant groundswell from the public in order make a dent in the wall of this empire much less make it topple. If a boycott is forthcoming, it requires a diverse, tumultuary crowd with enough size and prominence to impact the National Football League for a significant duration to force change. The odds are long against this process being successful, though.

On July 29, 1986, the United States Football League defeated the National Football League in the epic antitrust case on a technicality, but the craven jury only awarded the USFL a paltry $1 in judgment that was multiplied to a whopping $3.76 in 1990 following appeals. I was so angry at the time that I took a moment to make a statement during my parents 17th anniversary dinner with all the seriousness that a 15-year-old could and said, “I am never watching the NFL again!” The boycott lasted only days as I strangely could not stop myself from watching the Detroit Lions have another train wreck of a season as they went 5-11 under Darryl Rogers.

Now, we have some well-meaning individuals desiring to boycott the NFL because of Colin Kaepernick and issues of racialism. In reality, this is nothing but hyperbole because so many folks are addicted to fantasy football that they might of to place themselves into the Betty Ford Center for treatment. Also, if the hometown team makes it to the Super Bowl, all bets are off. Nevertheless, the NFL is too powerful of an entity to overcome right now. The NFL has defeated more enemies than King David!