The Dallas Cowboys are their own Worst Enemy

“Never assume every critic is a hater… Not everyone is hating on you. Some people are telling you the truth.” – Pastor Mark Pothier

            Over the past few weeks, it has been quite interesting to see a surfeit of risible commentaries and memes regarding the struggles of the Dallas Cowboys attempting to be relevant. While there are at least 17 other franchises providing fodder for jokes on behalf of the abundance of aspiring amateur comedians in social media today, Dallas seems to be the most favorable target of the NFL’s bottom 18.

            Since I and a plethora of writers have stated that the Cowboys have not truly held the mythical title of America’s Team in over 23 years or more depending upon who you ask, it seems plausible that the primary reason for some to participate in the picking of the low-hanging fruit is a direct reaction to the fans of the Cowboys.

            For example, it is typical to see several individuals running to social media sites in droves to roister about Dallas winning a game that they probably should have won easily in the first place. Therefore, it has become their wont to demonstrate their loyalties even if the behavior is anything but dignified which usually ends with the statement, “Take that, you haters!”

            Thus, classifying any and all who are critical of the Dallas Cowboys as haters have become commonplace for otiose persons who have failed to get a grip on reality that their beloved franchise has become an archaic relic of a once-proud organization. The truth of the matter is that not every critique of the Cowboys is personal; some are generally aimed at trying to get the franchise’s governance to deal with objectivism instead of fantasy.

            Also, the sobering realization is beginning to set in that the elephantine AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas (AKA “The Death Star” by some) has yet to be the panacea of dominance and home-field advantage that designers were hoping for because the Cowboys have failed to produce much verve in the decade the facility has been open. Nonetheless, the current regime and its stalwarts are attempting to blame everyone outside of The Star (Dallas Cowboys Headquarters in Frisco, Texas) for their ineptitude instead of themselves.

            In Conclusion, this Sunday’s contest against Washington is of no consequence because Dallas does not deserve a playoff spot this season even if they backed into one. The Cowboys would more than likely have only one game and concessions have to be made soon after.

            No one wants to hear another set of platitudes as to why the Cowboys did not make it to the Super Bowl to insult fans’ intelligence. No, Jerry Jones and family need to heed some of the advice of those who are not hysterical but still have the best interest of the organization in mind. If not, they will face another unavailing season of mediocrity and be on the periphery of events per usual.