The Indomitable Spirit

The past few weeks have put a halt to various sporting events and other activities that have not been witnessed probably since World War II. Of course, the cessation of some ball games is pale in comparison to the overall suffering of people worldwide, but perilous times can serve as a poignant reminder to be thankful in times of tranquility.

            Nevertheless, these challenges will pass. The question is how the new realities of life will translate to the availability of sports, venues, and even discretionary income needed to even frequent these events.

Although I am not capable of auguring specifics like many sports broadcasters attempt to do like Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent character, I surmise that there will be puissant Risorgimento across North American whenever activities can resume with the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, PGA, CFL, and NFL. There will be such a ravenous appetite for competition that broadcast stations may have scheduling conflicts attempting to provide content for all of these sports.

In the meantime, we must possess the kind of indomitable spirit necessary to carry on even if circumstances do not necessarily appear to be improving. It will require a warrior’s mentality to be the lone voice of encouragement in the wilderness that may be ignored initially but will ultimately gain traction by likeminded individuals.

Therefore, abbreviated seasons or not, the athletic world could become a balm of Gilead in a secular sense to provide an appearance of normalcy as governments and organizations recover. Many historians had noted how the sports world changed substantially following World War II: athletes were eager to participate and fans were just as zealous to see them.

This should serve as a motivating factor for the have-not franchises in professional sports to develop the kind of verve necessary to become successful. The late Al Davis was once quoted as saying, “I will do anything to win!” Hopefully, some of these organizations will adopt this motto for the benefit of their fans instead of being able to turn another profit.

As for me, I intend to follow the example recently provided by a respected performance coach named Derick Gant ( by asserting myself henceforth as follows:

                        If you want to be HEARD, speak loudly.

                        If you want to CHANGE, step out of line

                        If you want to be THE BEST, live excellence.

                        If you want to SUCCEED, be relentless.

                        If you want to be RICH, do the above.